Welcome to Vanasamfundet Moder Jords Home page.
Moder Jord is Swedish for Mother Earth. Vanasamfundet Moder Jord is a faith community (in Sweden that is what legal churches are called) connected to the Great Cosmic Mother and nature religion. We believe Mother Earth to be the creative power.

We welcome people who:
see the Great Cosmic Mother as a creative force
want to support an ecological lifestyle
protects plurality and the equal value of all beings.

Our spiritual connectedness is our rituals and ceremonies connecting to Mother Earth and her four powers, earth, air, fire and water.
Apart from conducting and leading all kinds of rituals one of our aims is to inform about The Great Mother - Goddess, her history (or rather prehistory) and Goddesses/Mothers in different cultural contexts. We are firmly rooted in the ancient Swedish Great Mother-oriented shamanistic tradition connected to the Vanirs and in our ritual work our circles are cast in their names.
We see the Great Mothers as creatresses and birth givers of all life and of the world, and the power of regeneration is theirs. They are manifold and so are the believes among our members. We believe that there are many ways to relate to the Great Mothers and many ways to see her. Some members see her/them as entities outside ourselves - a power that creates and transforms. Others relate the Great Mothes to their female power within themselves. Since the Goddesses/Mothers are manifold we want plurality to permeate our organisation - there is not one true truth, but many different ways to view spiritual connection.

On our home page there are articles both in Swedish and in English. Articles in English will be found under “In English” - “Articles” (adding a few at a time)